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Chalet Rates

Check In : 2.00 pm

Check Out: 12.00 pm

Call: 013-3982881 or 09-2330181 for enquiry and bookings. 

Chalets by the River

RM150.00 - 1 unit
*2 Queen beds, ceiling fan, water heater, tea/coffee making facilities.

RM100.00 - 2 units
*2 Queen Beds, ceiling fan, a bathroom,tea/coffee making facilities.
*1 Queen bed, 1 single bed, wall fan, a bathroom, tea/coffee making facilities.
*1 Queen bed, 2 Single bed, wall fan and a bathroom, tea/coffee making facilities.

RM130.00 - 4 units
*1 Queen bed, 1 Single bed, wall fan and a bathroom .

RM80.00 - 1 units
*1 Queen bed, wall fan and a bathroom.

RM170.00 - 2 Units
*2 Super Single bed, with Air-Cond and a bathroom. 

RM350.00 - 1 unit (Homestay)
*5 Bedroom kampung style house, 1 kitchen and 2 baths.
*(1)1 Queen bed, (2) 2 twin beds, (3) I queen & 1 twin bed, (4) 1 twin bed, (5)1 twin bed.
*TV with Astro, sofas, fridge, gas stove, cooking gas, dining table and chairs, kettle.

 ***RM10 for a set of extra single mattress,a blanket and a pillow.


RM100.00 - Dewan Rental (neg.)per day/per usage

RM50.00 - BBQ Hut Rental per day/per usage

RM30.00 - BBQ Pit (Dewan)

New Chalets on the Hill

Chalet Bunga Raya 1 - RM200.00
*2 Queen beds and 4 single beds

Chalet Bunga Raya 2 - RM200.00
 *2 Queen beds and 4 single beds

Chalet Bunga Raya 3 - RM150.00
*1 Queen and 2 Single Beds

Chalet Bunga Raya 4 - RM150.00
 *1 Queen and 2 Single Beds

Dewan Rental with BBQ Hut - RM200 (neg.)
*with 100 chairs
*with outdoor bathrooms/toilets

Tent (16 pax) -


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Effective 15th October 2012

Pelangan yang dihargai:
Pihak Maninjau Chalet tidak akan bertanggungjawab atas segala booking atau apa-apa bayaran yang dilakukan melalui mana-mana ejen ataupun mana-mana website selain dari pihak maninjau chalet sendiri.

Maninjau Chalet will not be held responsible for any bookings made through any agents/agencies or any websites Except through our own chalet phone numbers.

Thank You.

Tuesday, March 3

Maninjau Chalet Gallery



*Chalets by the River*

*Chalets on the Hill*


Maninjau Mini Market

Maninjau Chalet Surau


Friday, February 27

Maninjau Chalet - Policy

Cancellation Policy
Please abide by the following minimum cancellation notification schedule:

-Normal period - 3 days prior to arrival date
(Monday to Friday)

-Weekend - 5 days prior to arrival date
(Saturday & Sunday)

-Peak Periods - 7 days prior to arrival date
(Public/Eve of public holidays/School Holidays)

Please note that :
-We will not refund the deposit of RM50 per room for cancellations that don't comply with this schedule.

-All reservations are guaranteed after the cancellation notification date.

-No-shows and abbreviated reservations will be charged for the entire reservation.
Maninjau Chalet is not responsible for weather conditions or personal emergencies.

Check In and Check Out
Guests may check in after 2:00 p.m. We request that guests check out by 12:00 p.m.

-Late check out is subject to room availability.

-Extended stay will be charged RM5 an hour.

Payment / Security Deposits
Cash Payment: Guests are required to pay for the entire amount of their stay upon check- in.

Thank You.
The Management 2009'

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Credits:Uzaifah Abdul Latiff & Shaharudin Yunus
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